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The Arctic Monkeys must be trembling…

Posted by markharrison on August 25, 2006

I suspect that, in fact, the Arctic Monkeys (currently residing at number 4 on the BBC Singles Chart) are not, in fact, overly worried.

It seems unlikely that my latest CD, “Negotiation, Negotiation, Negotiation – Mark Harrison live at PNC Ipswich”, is going to topple them in the album chart – and the headline track “Introduction by Ed Ling” seems unlikely to be a breakaway single.

The really odd thing about the CD is that there’s nothing on it that you can’t also get for free. All the audio is also available for ‘nowt at either (my main site) or (my sales site for the course.)

However, that doesn’t mean that people don’t want it. There is still a large segment of the population that likes the physical product, and is willing to pay a premium for it, and that is a key point about web marketing.

There are a whole bunch of ways to attract people to your website, and each has advantages and disadvantages. Adwords – links from other sites – personal appearances – newsletters – paper adverts – flyers – business cards.

Every visitor who comes to your site is an entry into your pipeline – it is never worth focussing on one at the expense of another.

And this carries on at the next steps too – podcasts vs. written newsletters… leading to MP3 download or CD-in-the-post… leading to instructor-led course or home-study course.

The value is in the message, not the medium. Use all the media you can.


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