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Life in the Blogsphere

Posted by markharrison on September 2, 2006

It’s a bit sad to blog about blogging, but heh, I don’t do it much (and it’s the first time since I’ve moved the blog over to WordPress).
I’m more and more recommending that my marketing clients get their staff to blog (and search the blogsphere).

I tell them there are three reasons for doing this:
1: Make your customers realise that you’re human too – cut through the “corporate communications massaging” department, and let real staff talk to real customers.

2: When your customers have problems, DEAL WITH THEM. Customer service is about the only long-term way of beating the rush to the bottom on pricing, and no way can we compete with countries in Asia where intelligent, well-educated, well-spoken staff are available for a few thousand a year rather than a few thousand a month.

3: Find out what normal people are saying about you – obviously, the current generation of USERS (not the current generation of products) is in a fairly unrepresentative demographic, but heh, who would have thought 5 years ago that both my parents (now retired) would use email and SMS to stay in touch.


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