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Who’s got a tidier office, Tom Peters, me, or you?

Posted by markharrison on September 3, 2006

Like many things in my life, I can firmly blame Tom Peters for this.
There I was, innocently reading his Blog, when what did I discover? A picture of his office – with the caption “So I’m Messy. What of it…”

Well, my office maybe a lot smaller than Tom’s, but it’s clear that we share a few characteristics. So here you are – a picture of my office (or at least my desk which was the best I could do.)Mark's office

Do you believe in the “clear office policy”, or do you find that a bit of disorganisation is a small price to pay for creativity?
And in case you’re wondering about the “paint smear” – that’s because I’m thinking of re-flooring and re-painting, and like to live with a new colour for a few weeks before stripping the room back out.


One Response to “Who’s got a tidier office, Tom Peters, me, or you?”

  1. […] Intuitively, it’s appealing, not least because it panders to my  own untidy desk. […]

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