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Ranjan Bhattacharya adds same-day bridging finance

Posted by Mark Harrison on September 7, 2006

Over the last year, I’ve been involved a bit in Ranjan Bhattacharya’s property mentoring scheme (indeed – I gave a 90 minute presentation in session 7, snippets of which Daniel Wagner has helped me make available on this blog.)

Today was an interesting session – my friend Dwayne Kerr was talking about using websites and AdWords finding motivated vendors of investment property. (Given that Dwayne had sent me his slides for comments earlier in the week, there were no surprises there.)
The interesting thing came, however, late morning, when Nick of CBA law outlined their services for buying property at a discount on bridging finance, and then same-day refinancing based on full market valuation. What I hadn’t particulary twigged until today was that Ranjan himself has set up a new venture – Mango Financing – to provide same day bridges at 1.25% (including all fees.) This looks rather good (until you note that an even cheaper rate is available to his mentees – another good reason to sign up if you’re serious about UK property investment.)


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