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Mini Book Review – Naked Conversations (Scoble and Israel)

Posted by markharrison on November 7, 2006

“People buy from people” – Vanish Patel

For some while, I’ve had a blogroll link to Naked Conversations on this blog. Now, I should start by stressing that this link is indeed work-safe, and not, as you might have hoped, a link to that sort of site.

Naked conversations is the name of a blog, and the name of a book – specifically a book about business blogging.

At the moment, there seems to be a digital divide – people use blogs to communicate over the web, but companies seem to use either static websites or CMS (content management system)-based sites to convey lots of corporate-speak.

Now, even when I was working as a corporate manager, I was never a great fan of corporate-speak, because it seemed to get in the way of clear communication, and doesn’t address the “Vanish Patel problem” – namely that people buy from people, not from brands.

Scoble and Israel have an answer – namely that succesful businesses talk with their customers as if they (the businesses) were humans, not droids, and that blogs give a very effective way of doing this. There are a whole bunch of advantages to this (as I’m proof – my blog gets updated WAY more often than my “main business site”, and as a result has a lot of more readers.

A mix of good case-studies in a variety of different fields (not just those in the tech sector, and certainly not just those aimed at the “youth” market) combined with a bunch of down-to-earth solid advice makes this well worth a read.
Naked Conversations


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