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Negotiating in the supermarket

Posted by Mark Harrison on November 9, 2006

Last night, I gave the 45-minute talk “Negotiation, Negotiation, Negotiation” in Woking, and (as ever), asked the question “who has ever made an offer on a basket of groceries in a supermarket?”

Sure enough, out of an audience of 25, only one hand went up – which was pretty much par for the course.

I’ve now given that talk to almost 1,000 people, and have some statistics for you:

– Based on my sample, about 3% of UK people have ever made an offer in a supermaket

– Of that 3%, rougly one third have been succesful in negotiating some kind of price reduction

Now, there are all kinds of  reasons why we don’t make offers in supermarkets, but I submit to you that the most common reason “there’s no point – they wouldn’t take it” is somewhat disproved!


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