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Welcome SingingPiggers (and why it looks like I’ve had zero views if you’re reading on the SP site)

Posted by markharrison on November 17, 2006

This morning, SingingPig started “syndicating” my blog. Syndication is one of the really clever tricks that you can play with blogs. Basically, SingingPig’s site is able to take an automatic “feed” of my blog posts, and have them appear on the SP site, in their formatting, together with all their other blogs.

There is a downside, though. On SingingPig’s blogs page, it shows blogs both hosted directly with SingingPig (stored on their servers) and those syndicated from other sites (such as mine.) It also shows the number of “views”. For directly-hosted blogs, this number can be counted. For syndicated blogs, though, SP can’t get at the logs from my server – only the content – so it looks like none of the articles have been read.

I can see my own logs 🙂 and it’s clear that a good number of “SingingPiggies” (if that’s the right term) are now reading Negotiation, Negotiation, Negotiation.

So, welcome to SingingPiggies – I hope you find this blog profitable and interesting.




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