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Negotiation, Negotiation, Negotiation now allows comments

Posted by Mark Harrison on November 26, 2006

Up till now, I’ve been a little scared about letting people comment on this blog.

Not that I didn’t want to hear what people were saying (quite the opposite), but because I was worried about the amoun of Spam comments that might be added, promoting products that, ahem, had little to do with negotiation.

Well, thanks to the marvels of the Askimet anti-spam engine for blog, my blog is now protected. Sure enough, despite the fact that, up till now, I required people to have a WordPress account to post comments, Askimet has caught lots of spam already…

… which has proved it works.

So, the restriction is off, if you have a question, or disagree with anything I’ve posted, then say so. I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to get back straight away, but it’s the only way I can learn.


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