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UK Property Investment news and comments from Mark Harrison of – now redesigned for XGA (plus sight-impaired access)

Posted by markharrison on December 13, 2006 has been running for about two and a half years now.

At the time we launched, almost a third of people using the Internet were viewing on resolutions SVGA (800×600) or lower.

Well, the fall in prices of bigger monitors (especially TFT monitors) has changed that. Now, only about a tenth of viewers are using resolutions under 1024×768 (XGA).

The next change has been the gradual enforcement of the European anti-disability discrimination legislation over the last year. As a webmaster, I have a legal obligation to ensure that my site is viewable by people using screen-readers and braille-displays as well as those blessed with good vision. Given that I spent the first few years of my life with a disability, I tend to take this more seriously than many websites. I was stone deaf as a child, and started school unable to hear but able to lipread – it took surgery as a child enabled me to hear.

The other change that’s happened is that a lot more people are using things other than Microsoft Internet Explorer. Back when we launched, only about 10% were using anything different. Now, over 30% are (predominantly FireFox, but a lot of Safari users out there.) Designing for multiple screen resolutions is relatively easy if you know everyone’s going to be using IE, but tough if you’re aiming to support people who use, say, Macs.

Putting these two facts together, we’ve made the decision for cross-platform support, including screen-readers and braille displays, but decided to make the switch to optimising for 1024×768 instead of optimising for 800×600.

The site changes are now made. Hopefully, you’ll find the site somewhat easier to use now.


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