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Custom version of the course launches- “Negotiation with Investors for Estate Agents”

Posted by markharrison on January 15, 2007

Following the success of the “Property Negotiation” training course over the last year, I have agreed to launch a custom version “Negotiation with Investors for Estate Agents”, aimed at help estate agents deal specifically with investment buyers.

At present, this course is not available “just to book”, but is only delivered in-house to estate agencies.

The course costs £2,500, including 10 sets of hand-outs if I deliver the course at your offices in the home counties. Travelling expenses and one night’s accomodation are extra if you need me to come further afield.

Please contact me if you are interested and for more details.


3 Responses to “Custom version of the course launches- “Negotiation with Investors for Estate Agents””

  1. generous said

    very expensive for your material I think, particularly to try and claim expenses on top!

  2. Out of interest, do you run an estate agency? If so, what sort?

    This isn’t aimed at the small local practices, this is aimed at the big chains which can therefore get training for £250 / head by sending someone from each branch.

    By comparison, the course aimed at investors comes in at £350/head, which people pay themselves. Attendees regularly report gains of between £5,000-£15,000 based on what they’ve learnt.

    I agree though that, for the estate agent, it’s harder to justify. Getting an extra £10,000 for a client might only mean an extra £1-200 in fees.

    That having been said, if I charge less than the price shown, then it’s hardly worth my time to come along. When I’m training investors, I am also building up networks of contacts for JV deals and the like. When I train an estate agent, then I’m not really going to get any ongoing benefit unless the agent decides to become an investor as well (which, to be fair, some of them do!)



  3. Bertie said

    Shoot, so that’s that one supsopes.

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