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Have you said “Thank You” in time?

Posted by markharrison on February 19, 2007

This evening, I’ve been correcting the final draft of my new book.

In chapter 3, I make reference to an old teacher of mine (A P Tatt, my physics teacher at school), who taught me not only about physics, but about how to actually think.

Considering I left the school in 1989, it’s an impressive tribute to his teaching skill that I can remember him, and many of the things he taught me, some 18 years later.

Anyway, in recognition of this, I was searching the Internet for him this evening, because I’d intended to send him a copy of the book in question. What I actually found on Google was a reference to the school website, listing the date in 2005 on which he had died – not even an obituary.

So, in honour of  Mr. Tatt, today is “have you said thank you?” day.


One Response to “Have you said “Thank You” in time?”

  1. Eileen Tatt said

    Dear Mark
    I was touched to read your tribute to my husband Philip Tatt. I assume you were at the College SE9 because of the date. When Phil left there at 65 he went on to teach part time in tutorial colleges up in town, also the Francis Holland School Notting Hill and the WellesleySchool (of Prince William fame). Concurrent with his day-time teaching he taught for 50 years as a visiting lecturer at the local Polytechnic (part of London University where he got his Special Physics degree) which became Woolwich College and then Greenwich College. At age 73 he was teaching two days before his first storke in 2003. Although he made a good recovery during he following year hehad a second stroke in 2005 and died in the July. As a family we were always surprised at the number of people who came up to us – on holiday, in the supermarket, in the bank or whatever – to remind him he had taught them and to show appreciation. He was known for his awful puns – if this reaches you please let me know and I will send you a copy of the write-up on him when he left his first school before joining the SE9 set-up. Regards and thanks for the ‘thank you’.
    Eileen Tatt

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