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It takes one minute to lose a customer…

Posted by markharrison on February 26, 2007

Since 1999, I’ve been a fan of Gieves and Hawkes (the Savile Row tailors.)

Indeed, a quick look in my dressing room this evening revealed:

  • 8 sports jackets
  • 2 overcoats
  • 2 suits
  • a cashmere jumper
  • a cashmere scarf
  • and two pairs of jeans from their more casual range

However, both of the suits were “off the peg”, and there comes a time in a man’s life when a hand-made suit starts to appeal.

Given my track record with the company, I started by looking at their website. I noticed a spelling mistake, so clicked on the link that invited me to report a problem.

That was last night…

… this evening, I checked my email, to find a response from them.

Was there a “thank you” for pointing out the mistake?

Was there a commitment to quickly change it (this is the web, for crying out loud, changing a typo is EASY).

Nope – instead there was a sarcastic reply, saying that because I’d made a typo in my own message, I wasn’t a (and I quote) “credible authority.”

This evening, the problem isn’t fixed (see photo below), they’ve lost a customer who was on the verge of spending several thousand pounds, (and had a lifetime value to date somewhat higher than that) and made me decide to blog about them.



9 Responses to “It takes one minute to lose a customer…”

  1. zorgoz said


  2. stubsy said

    That was quite a silly response form them then, their site is probably outsourced?

  3. Almost certainly it is…

    … that having been said, as a customer, I wasn’t annoyed with their IT provider, I was annoyed with THEM 🙂

    As you’ve picked up, it was the response that annoyed – not the fact there was a typo on the site.

  4. Helen said

    I wont use them ever either! United we stand and all that…

  5. Jerry Jones said

    Perhaps it would be a good idea to print and mail the reply to their MD for his comments? If one of his te3am is sabotaging his business he needs to know.

  6. Mark said

    Thats shocking!

    Of course, you should have gone to instead 🙂


  7. Normally I delete “comments” that are actually adverts 🙂

    However, given the help and advice that Mark McCall has given me over the years, I’ll let this one go…

    … and, of course, if I _did_ live in Northern Ireland, I’m sure that McCalls would have been my first choice.

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    […]It takes one minute to lose a customer… « Negotiation, Negotiation, Negotiation[…]…

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