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Woo-Hoo, Bye Bye Standby was on GMTV this morning

Posted by markharrison on March 6, 2007

This morning, I went to the press launch of Bye Bye Standby. The launch was great – with Tommy Walsh (GroundForce) coming along (free of charge) to make a speech about how important this kind of energy-saving is to the planet. Good guy!

This is an energy-saving product from Domia (fomerly called Idomus ltd.) of which, until the end of the year, I was a Director (now, it’s a more passive investment for me.)

Darryl, the Chairman came in pretty much as I was turning up… except in his case it was from GMTV, where they’d just done a feature on how a £29.99 product can save £38 / year and reduce carbon emissions – woo hoo!

I’ve told you that I’m an investor, so obviously it’s self-serving for me to post a link to the product – but of course I have to…

… and yes, I did have my photo taken with Tommy Walsh (albeit with the rest of the Domia team in it as well)


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