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Budget – Oh Joy!

Posted by markharrison on March 21, 2007

Apparently, according to the BBC’s “How does it affect you” calculator, I’d going to a slight winner following this budget. Of course, virtually all of this gain will be wiped out by the increase in corporation tax that my small business pays, but heh, even then, I’ll be about 50p a day better off next year 🙂

I’m far from a Socialist, but…

I am more than a little concerned that I can live in a society where pensioners and those trying to work on low incomes get LESS as a result of this budget, but those who decide to opt-out of wealth creation and live on hand-outs get MORE.

I realise that there are many people who genuinely need the assistance of society at large, but it strikes me that we should be trying to create an ethos of personal responsibility, rather than the idea that the state will look after us.

The budget is, after all, underpinned by another selloff of £36 billion dollars of public assets – assets that, today, you and I as taxpayers own, and tomorrow we won’t. The normal line is “selling the family silver” – I can’t help feel that any rational look at the public sector finances suggests that we sold off the silver a long time ago, and are currently taking out bridging loans secured against the family Ikea furniture!


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