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Property Negotiation, The Book – almost there

Posted by Mark Harrison on April 18, 2007

The difference between a book and an ebook is that a book has to be PERFECT. With an ebook, you get the opportunity to make tweaks as you go along.

I finally sent “Draft 3” off to the publishers – hopefully I’ll be happy with the results, and “Property Negotiation” will be on Amazon in the next few weeks…

… there again, I’d thought that “Draft 2” (about 6 weeks ago) was going to be the final cut, but when the proofs came back, I found a glaring mistake 😦

On the bright side, Dona (my editor) made about 200 changes prior to “Draft 1” going off, and “Draft 1” had a further 40 changes, so only finding one problem with “Draft 2” makes me hopeful.
As an aside, the changes WILL be rolled into the ebook – and assuming that Draft 3 hits the spot, I’ll be sending out updated ebooks to all previous customers at that point. Thanks to all of you who’ve already bought (and particularly to those who’ve come back to me with great stories about how much money the techniques have made them!)


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