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“The Secret” – on DVD

Posted by Mark Harrison on June 14, 2007

I don’t think that I’ve ever blogged about an advert before, but the trailer for “The Secret” is amazing.

I was emailed by my friends at Nightingale Conant (who also publish my CD set – the UK property millionaire) with the news that they’ve just been appointed European Master Distributor for “The Secret”, the wealth-building DVD sensation that has swept the States over the last couple of weeks.

I’m used to reading adverts for this kind of thing, and I’ve seen promotional videos before (like this one we did with Entrepreneur TV for my programme), but “The Secret” is in an entirely different league when it comes to production quality.

Click here to watch the trailer.


2 Responses to ““The Secret” – on DVD”

  1. travelbiz said

    I agree with you totally!!!!

  2. Just happened to stumble across this blog – a year after it was written!

    Yes, the trailer to the Secret is amazing. The production value of the trailer is actually much better than that of the movie itself – which is more of a documentary. But that doesn’t take away the value of the movie. It STARTS a great awakening to the power of the Law of Attraction. But it comes up sadly short as a full education of the LOA. If you want to cahnge your life – become a STUDENT of the concept!

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