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Numberjacks – educational TV and web awareness for the under 5s!

Posted by markharrison on June 17, 2007

In a comment on my (five-year-old) daughter’s Blog late last night, Chris Ellis, writer of Numberjacks, wrote:

For Pippy, her Dad and others who have said kind words – you might like to know that Numberjacks won the Royal Television Society’s Award for best pre-school educational programme, which of course we are delighted about.

The Royal Television Society have the following to say about it:

This winning programme is an innovative combination of live action and animation of great appeal for its audience, made with a thorough understanding of how young children learn and rehearse basic mathematical concepts.

Congratulations to all at OpenMind from a raving fan (and his daughter!)

Also, well done to OpenMind and Chris in particular for taking the time to post on fan’s blogs. If a television company aimed at the under 5s can do this, how come so many companies aimed at adult audiences find engaging with their customers so hard?




6 Responses to “Numberjacks – educational TV and web awareness for the under 5s!”

  1. ukubuntu said

    Oh I think that may be a little harsh. I think because there is so much variety around, there seems to be more rubbish. However, the BBC does put on some great programmes, Doctor Who, Hustle, The Real Hustle. I think the rubbish comes from competition that is trying to break ground to sensationalize or steal others’ ideas. Strictly, Maria and Joseph were great, but Dancing on ice, Grease, and Talent fall shorter. The Beeb is not the only good broadcaster. There are elements in other channels that show promise. I also wish the BBC would send out their content in non-proprietary formats on their impressive web service. Maybe one day.

    The worst time for television, in my view, is Saturday night (after the Timelord of course!). There is noever anything relaxing on. it always follow-ups from one show or another, a violent film or drama’s that are too much for feeling comfortable in front of.

  2. ukubuntu said

    Oh, in addition, the Beeb’s web service for those

  3. I hadn’t intended the post as a criticism of other broadcast companies, let alone others whose programmes appear, like Numberjacks, on the Beeb. Whenever I travel to the States, I am reminded how good the BBC actually is! Apologies to those who read it as such 😦

    The last bit of the post was more about the fact that here is a company, OpenMind, 99% of whose audience is probably “too young” to use the Internet… but they are able to engage with fans on the Internet…

    So why can’t companies like, say, the Morgan Motor Company, or Meridian Hi-Fi, or Gieves and Hawkes do so? The average car or hi-fi, or hand-made suit purchase is far higher in value than a DVD!

    I don’t believe that the three companies in the above paragraph are particularly bad – quite the opposite – I’ve chosen them because they have good websites! It’s just that they still seem stuck in the mindset that a company has a website that it uses to push information out, rather than having an Internet profile that they can use to engage within the communities of customers and turn them into communities of fans.


  4. Thanks Mark for your comments. By the way you might like to know that the Numberjacks have now got Spanish speaking cousins – the show has nee dubbed into Spanish for Latin America as “Los Supernumeros”. It’salso being dubbed into Hindi for CBeebies Indian service.
    All the best

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