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Where have my sites gone? Thanks Eclipse.

Posted by markharrison on June 20, 2007

Since about midday yesterday, my websites disappeared off the network, and I lost the ability to send receive email.

The reasons this happened are a bit odd.

Yesterday morning, I sent the monthly newsletter. This now goes out to about 1,700 subscribers.

My ISP (Eclipse) noticed that I was sending out a large amount of email, and decided that this meant I had been hacked, so “to protect me” they put my connection into “lockdown” mode, which meant that I could surf the Internet, but no-one could access my web servers, not could anyone send mail through to my mail server, nor could my mail server send out mail.

They didn’t tell me about this… or rather they did, but they did it by sending me an email shortly AFTER they’d locked out my mail server… thus preventing me receiving the notification email. Of course, they could have phoned me, but apparantly the team responsible for shutting off customers “doesn’t talk to customers”.

I realised something had gone wrong, but initially blamed my own kit – after all, I could surf the Internet, so I knew that the link was working. I spent about two hours on the phone to a very helpful man from Zyxel, who ultimately determined that there was something wrong with my Eclipse connection.

I then phoned Eclipse support, who told me what had happened. This was just before 5pm.  They promised that they would pass the “unlock request” to their “network operations” team, and confirmed that that team provided 24/7 support.

It is now just before 7am the following morning, I still have no email, and no-one has been able to access any of my servers.

Fortunately, I host this blog on

I’m not happy – why has my ISP shut me down, without communicating with me? Why haven’t they fixed it. I’ve been a customer of theirs for about 5 years – they aren’t the cheapest, but up till now they’d been pretty good.

The sites affected are:

Currently sitting in bed, waiting for their technical support to re-open at 8am, and not happy.


2 Responses to “Where have my sites gone? Thanks Eclipse.”

  1. Sites back, thanks for the excellent support from Will at Eclipse.

    It is nice to deal with an IT company where the technical support staff actually understand networking, rather than a company where they employ minimum-wagers to follow a script.

    So, well done to Eclipse in general and Will in particular for front-line support service. Just a shame it was needed in the first place 😦

  2. Ugh- sounds frustrating! Glad to have you back 🙂

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