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There are times when I so don’t “get the Internet”

Posted by Mark Harrison on June 22, 2007

I’ve been on the Internet since 1989, and launched my first website in 1994, but there are times when I just SO don’t understand what people are doing!

Take MonstersGame, for example. This is a UK website – and people go there and either become “Vampires” or “Werewolves”. The entire game seems to consist of two parts….

1: You are asked to give your friends links to they can find the game and become vampires / werewolves themselves.

2: A very limited number of webpages called things like “the graveyard” which is, erm a picture of a graveyard. If you say “I’ll work in the graveyard for an hour”, then that’s it – you can’t do anything else in the game, because it says “no, you’re still working in the graveyard.”… and it earns you, or rather your vampire/werewolf 5 “gold pieces” an hour while you DON’T use their site.

Now, I concede that the graphics are quite nice, in an Eighties comic-book kind of way, and this talk of werewolves and vampires kind of appeals (Heh, I’ve seen UnderWorld twice)… but the whole idea of letting users somehow earn credit by NOT using the site?

Most website owners want people to USE their sites, surely?

This is, I’m told, progress..


One Response to “There are times when I so don’t “get the Internet””

  1. Nik Butler said

    Actually , this is very much a extension of the old Play By Mail games of old. not much changed and not much new. There are some others I have enjoyed like Earth-2015 and the ilk but hey I’ll have a laugh until im bored which given my own ADD mea…. oooh shiny!

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