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The Four-Part mini-course on Below Market Value is now available on the main site

Posted by Mark Harrison on July 2, 2007

Between October and December last year, I ran a four-part mini-course about buying UK property Below Market Value.

For the last six months, this has only been available to my newsletter subscribers.

However, the course is now available on – obviously, newsletter subscribers still have several months head start on the newer content.

The newsletter complements this blog and the negotiation course, despite the fact that both are free – this blog is a relatively “quick” collection of thoughts, as I have them. The newsletter is a more “considered” set of things – a lot more time goes into each issue. The free mini-course on property negotiation is both more detailed, and more limited in subject area – again, the newsletter and the mini-course complement each other!


4 Responses to “The Four-Part mini-course on Below Market Value is now available on the main site”

  1. Gavin said

    Thanks! I will take a look…

  2. David said

    Had a look at the course, some sound advice on below market value there.

  3. Thanks for the free course. Negotiation is a forgotten art. Definitely some useful advice to take away.

  4. This is becoming a big growth area in the UK especially Sell and Rent back what with all the financial turmoil. It’s a free course where can you go wrong?

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