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The Power of the Press – still there in a Web2.0 world

Posted by markharrison on July 11, 2007

This afternoon, something odd happened. We noticed a lot of new people registering at

When I say a lot, I’m not talking about a huge number in absolute terms, but in the last four hours, we’ve had more registrations than in the previous four days!

So we started looking for reasons why:

  • Had we made changes to our Google Adwords campaign – no.
  • Was one of our affiliates pushing us hard – no.
  • Had someone A-list blogged about us – no.

What had happened was that AutoTrader had put three lines mentioning us in their daily update. Not even a link to us – just three lines that mentioned our URL. But despite this, enough people were willing to either re-type, or copy and paste that we saw a big leap in traffic.

It was in fact, pretty exciting – it’s easy to get so carried away with Web2.0 stuff that we forget there’s a lot of life in Web1.0 still there.


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