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Don’t talk about this!

Posted by Mark Harrison on July 24, 2007

Fortunately, I don’t use MySpace, or more specifically, I don’t use the “ParentCare” control, which is a piece of software intended to help parents keep track of what their teenagers are doing on the Internet.

Because, if I did use ParentCare, I wouldn’t be allowed to write this message!

Part of the terms and conditions of the software are that you aren’t allowed to tell anyone what you think of it. Just look at this quote:

By downloading the ParentCare Beta software, you agree to not disclose any information about its content, its look and feel, and your experience with the software or your opinions about the software to any party other than a representative of Fox Interactive Media.  Examples of prohibited disclosures are as follows:

  • Communicating with reporters or media regarding the software
  • Posting comments on an internet bulletin board regarding the software
  • Sending emails regarding the software

Thank you for your compliance with this nondisclosure agreement …

As I said, I’ve not downloaded the software. I’ve not agreed to abide by the NDA (In fact, I got the text from Wired.) So I’m allowed to mention it.

No idea what it’s like though.

It does strike me as very bizarre – if you released a product, and made customers sign a contract that forbade them from sharing their experiences, would you imagine this was:

  •  A: A superb masterpiece that everyone would want
  • B: The kind of product normally described in terms invented for the leavings of dogs with antisocial owners?

Frankly, if you like this blog, the newsletter, or, then tell people about them 🙂

However, if you HATE this blog, the newsletter, of, then feel free tell people about that as well… just please let me know what you hate, so we can have a go at fixing it!


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