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How big is a portfolio?

Posted by markharrison on August 4, 2007

Brett Wood has just written a good article about “portfolios”.

He makes the point that, actually, to retire, provided you have the mortgage on your PPR paid off, plus three other properties owned outright, then you can retire… and that anything more than that is a “lifestyle” question, not a “security of retirement” question.

It’s something that very much ties in with my own experience – when lots of other writers are talking about buying 200 properties in two years (or some such), it can be easy to feel that you aren’t doing enough.

If you have a relatively small number of great investments, then this is fine…. of course, you have to look at a large number of potential investments to find them, but you don’t need to buy them all.


3 Responses to “How big is a portfolio?”

  1. Lee said

    I believe that its quality not quantity that counts. These people that are telling they buy 200 proerties in two years are telling you this becuase they want to sell you a package or seminar or tools workbooks or something else. Now why would they be taking there time to do this if they are so busy running around buying property. Someone who is quite well known asked me how much I would charge a day to give advice and my trade secrets to a seminar. I replied that I would not be prepaired to but a ball park figure is £1m per day. I do not want “joe public” knowing how I do things It would be suicidal of me to tell the world and his wife how I did what I do. Also it would be impractical.

    If one wants to go and make some offers 20% under market value (however one interprates it) then fine but the real only way to make money in the property world respectivly and to hold onto and increase such gains is to sped at least two years with someone who has had 20+ years of experiance themeselves.

    I am not saying that its not proper to do these corses or seminars but I feel that I am coming across people who are “property experts, property tutors” ect with 5 years experaince. My grandfather would never call himself an expert and he has been in the business 65+ years.

    If you buy one good deal a year. you are doing well. more confidence and experaince will bring more results… I have known many people get rich quick in property… and most of them have gone bancrupt, yes they mae it back again but do not be in a rush… do it slowly and carefully

  2. Lee,

    Of course I’m biased, because I do run courses.

    In my case, because I love to run them… but I won’t deny that they make me money.

    I am, like you, very concerned about anyone who doesn’t talk about market cycles, and what to do to prepare for the next crash, and generally acts like prices will keep on going up.


  3. Sara said

    I recently retired at the age of 55. I started building my investment real estate portfolio four years ago and I have acquired three pieces of property. Over the course of the last several years it seems as though purchasing real estate in international markets has become much easier. With an increase in real estate based websites some provide multiple listings from a variety of agents. I recently purchased a condo from . Although this was my first purchase abroad I was unable to resist the market in Central America. After doing months of research I knew that this was the next logical step in expanding my portfolio.

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