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Free audio downloads from web marketer, Mark Anastasi

Posted by Mark Harrison on August 7, 2007

Last year I went to a fantastic seminar run by Mark Anastasi. Since then, he and I have stayed in regular touch, despite the fact that he’s moved to Cyprus.

He’s agreed to give away 4 free live recordings where he explains:

  • How he went from broke to financially free in just 28 days
  • How he sold over $1,000,000 in ebooks over the past three years.
  • How he now makes over $1,000 a day in passive income
  • How he set up 43 fully-automated cash-generating online businesses in less than 14 days and how you can do the same!

Claim your free download now here

Mark agreed to let my blog readers have access to this special giveaway for the next few days. Make sure you take advantage of this opportunity!

Here’s what you get (for free):

  • “Ebook Millionaire – How To Create A 24/7 Automated Money-Making Machine On the Internet” (80 minutes, MP3) – recorded live at the ‘Millionaires Bootcamp’ seminar in June 2006. (normally $97)
  • “The 6 Keys To Wealth – How I Increased My Income 20-Fold In 20 Months” (82 minutes, MP3) – recorded LIVE at the ‘Millionaires Bootcamp’ seminar in June 2006 . (normally $97)
  • “The Truth About Making Money – The Secrets of The Millionaire Mind” (52 minutes, MP3) (normally $67)
  • “‘Rich’ Thinking vs ‘Poor’ Thinking – How To Think Like A Millionaire” (ebook) (normally $27)

Claim your free download now at (You will need to register with him to receive download details.)


6 Responses to “Free audio downloads from web marketer, Mark Anastasi”

  1. I ought to follow this up. I has come to my attention that Mark Anastasi is promoting a series of ebooks on the subject of health which are making some extreme claims.

    As I understand things, these ebooks are based on the work of Dr. Robert Young.

    While I, having met Mark Anastasi, believe that he is promoting these ebooks out of a genuine belief that the information contained in them is accurate, and a genuine desire to help, I have some concerns over the work of Dr. Young.

    Neither Mark Anastasi nor me have any medical qualifications.

    As such, I can’t endorse any claims he is making on this subject.

    On the subject of making money on the Internet, I _do_ think he knows what he’s talking about though 🙂

  2. Boston SEO said

    The 6 keys to wealth is a great one but not too many people have heard of it though. You have some great articles on this blog

  3. I attended a seminar at the Celtic Manor Resort in Nov. 08 and as a result bought one of Mark’s cash machines for a substantial sum of money. My site, which is just a landing page, was not a bespoke site as he promised, so I cancelled the order within 30 days of when the site went live. I have been trying to get my money back but he can’t be traced, and won’t answer my e-mails anymore. Anyone with a similar problem, please contact me on Thank you.

  4. Re: Mark Anastasi

    The site that he copied for me, is a clever way of collecting e-mail addresses for him. Not what I had expected. It was also delivered with only 25 autoresponders instead of the 52 that he promised.

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    this blog’s posts. It never ever fails to make me think.

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