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Lunch Parties, courtesy of the Luxury Homes Digest blog

Posted by markharrison on August 9, 2007

Luxury Homes Digest is one of those US sites that demonstrates how much UK estate agents need to change to appeal to the Web Generation.

Mixing quirky items with Real Estate information, it’s well-designed, amusing, and an interesting insight into how real estate works in the lives of the super-rich. (Oh, and they sell homes as well.)

The article that really caught my eye, was a post on making omlettes for dinner parties, and what struck me as a sufficiently good idea that I’d share – here’s a quick summary (but the original is better):

  • Put some “ingredients” for fillings into bowls, and lay them out on the table.
  • Each guest writes their name on a sealable freezer bag with a permanet marker
  • The host cracks a couple of eggs into the bag, and shakes (not stirs, how James Bond?)
  • Each guest adds their choice of ingredients to the bag, and shakes more.
  • Expel the air from the bag and seal
  • The host puts the bags into a big pot of boiling water, for 13 minutes
  • On opening, personalised omlettes roll out

Amazing what you learn on Real Estate Blogs, eh?


2 Responses to “Lunch Parties, courtesy of the Luxury Homes Digest blog”

  1. Mark: Thanks for the fun review! It would be fun to trade real estate market perspectives. In fact, you have inspired me to begin an international real estate blogroll.

    Consider your fine blog enrolled.

    Good wishes,


  2. Moranna said

    I first read about the ‘boilable’ omlettes on someone else’s blog,but being an omlette-fan didn’t much like the sound of it. Your presentation sounds fun and quirky so will give it a go!!

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