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Mog007 – we’re set up and ready…

Posted by markharrison on August 9, 2007

Mog007 is the 2007 national event for the Morgan Sports Car Club, and it start tomorrow.

This year, it’s the turn of the Sussex Centre, and Mary, I, and the rest of the committee have been working on this for 3 years.

The event’s at Goodwood – a good venue for a sports car event, I hope you’ll agree.

It’s just gone 10pm on Thursday, and we’re set up – over 600 cars have booked in advance, 484 booked for dinner tomorrow. Eek.

Anyway, photos of the setup are now on-line at my Mog007 gallery on Flickr

Oh, and I’m also amazed at how well this is working:

  • a sub-£10 Bluetooth card bought from Comet this morning (after the previous one went missing, presumably the culprit is my two-year-old)
  • a £7.50 per month Internet package through T-Mobile on their “Web’n’Walk”

It’s not as fast as the home broadband, but I’m sitting in my hotel room, grabbing piccies off the digital camera, uploading to Flickr, and blogging about it for, well, zero usage cost!

Getting started: Getting started

Goody bags for 600 people: Goody bags for 600

Alan’s three-wheeler going through the tunnel at Goodwood: Alan's three-wheeler


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