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Mog007 – Concours entrants

Posted by markharrison on August 11, 2007

One of the treats of the bigger Morgan events is the number of cars shown in the concours.

The concours judging team ready for action:

The oldest entrant – a 1925 Grand Prix:

A 1935 three-wheeler prior to its restoration by Alan Sharpe:

… and after:

And, newly back in the UK, the original Plus 4, built for the 1950 motor show. Gerry Wilburn of California has just completed the restoration for UK Morgan enthusiast David Little: 


One Response to “Mog007 – Concours entrants”

  1. This restoration looks fabulous. Congratulations. I had been wondering if you still had a great interest in Morgans.
    I went to the 100th Anniversary event in Watkins Glen, NY a few months ago. My best friend from childhood was there with his son who collects and restores Morgans. He bought his present car (that runs) in the UK where his wife is from. He knows everybody at the factory on a first name basis!
    I have something I think you would like.


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