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Mog007 – last update on this blog

Posted by markharrison on August 17, 2007

Thanks to those of you who’ve come to this blog over the last week for your Mog007 updates.

Thanks also to those regular readers who’ve put up with the interruption in your normal service.

Now we’re back in the office, we’re updating [2012 edit – mog007 is now a completely different site, since we didn’t renew the name after the event, and someone else is now using it.]  with the photos of the event, including links to several attendees who’ve uploaded their own photo galleries to somewhere on the Internet (thanks guys.)

If you have a Mog007 photo gallery, please email me a link, or include a link as a comment on this blog post, and I’ll link to it from the main site.

If you  have some digital photos, and want to upload them to the Internet, then I have had a great experience with flickr (which is free.)
The combination of flickr, WordPress, and a cheap Internet mobile Internet access package from T-Mobile UK (£7.50 a month extra on my contract) worked very, very, well.


One Response to “Mog007 – last update on this blog”

  1. Jasdeep said

    Hi Mark,

    As you couldn’t work out how else to send me a message , same was the case with me .

    Thanks for telling me , how you consider me.

    I was on jyte to iterate my thoughts and view responses , Every person on earth has his/her own individual identity and perception about certain ideas .

    I wanted to know how my perceptions are weighed by others, and I appreciate your support.

    I like critcism, I respect you as a good critic of my claims and respect your ideas on socialism,intellectual property. 🙂

    Best Regards from Punjab (India) 🙂

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