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How well do you know your parents?

Posted by markharrison on August 22, 2007

I’ve just come back from a rather good party – after all, my parents are only going to have one Ruby wedding anniversary.

Meeting some of the family I’ve not seen for 10+ years, and hearing some of the stories about my parents’ wedding, I’ve realised how little “hard footprint” they left back in the 60s – a few family photos, and personal memories locked in peoples’ heads.

I, on the other hand, have presumably left a huge footprint that will be available to my children via Google (or whatever takes over from it over the next 15 years.) Flickr photos, this blog, the YPE newsletter, but also tens of thousands of posts on mailing lists ranging from Morgan cars to Home Automation, via a whole range of wild and wacky niches.

Anyway, the reason I’m thinking about this is that I’m again co-hosting The Old Grey Video Test with Nik Butler and Phil Campbell tomorrow. (23rd August)

The next episode is live at 20:00 (UK Time) here. We’re doing it as a live show on Operator11, so if you’d like to come along, then you can participate in the show – if you have a webcam, we can bring you in by video – otherwise the “live online chat” will be running throughout the episode.

Nik, Phil and I are all in our 30s, all with young children, and the theme for tomorrow’s show is indeed “what our children will be able to discover about us.”


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