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I’m guest speaking on Glenn Armstrong’s training course this weekend

Posted by markharrison on September 25, 2007

For some while, I’ve been impressed at the property training that Glenn Amstrong puts on. I’ve a lot of time for Glenn – his track record as an entrepreneur was already solid before he turned to property.

Anyway, this Sunday (30th September), he’s running a programme with a few guest speakers.

  • I’m talking about, sure enough, Property Negotiation
  • John Goodinson is talking about Body Language
  • Caroline Hume will be presenting the legal issues around property negotiation
  • Glenn himself is running through a number of tactics, particularly nibbling

There are, as of this evening, a few spaces left, so please call Glenn’s office on 01908 423700 if you’re interested.

… but this is a course on negotiation, so DO ask for a discount when you call, eh?


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