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Trick or Healthy Treat?

Posted by markharrison on October 31, 2007

I have many goals in life, but this evening two of them coincided nicely.

Firstly, I like the idea of improving people’s knowledge (heh, you probably guessed that from the fact I run a training company.)

But I also enjoy increasing the amount of humour in the world. (You may not have guessed that, and Mary says I’m not entirely successful.)

This evening was, of course, All Hallows Eve, or Halloween for short. I find it slightly odd that virtually no-one remember what tomorrow is, of course, but that’s another blog post for another day.

In the last few years, Trick or Treat has certainly caught on big-time in the UK – however, here in West Sussex, we appear to have a relatively benign version – small groups of well-dressed, and well-spoken young men and women, inevitably accompanied by a responsible adult, have been ringing the doorbell, and saying “trick or treat” in a way that makes it clear that the response “trick” would not, in fact, lead to any serious harm.

However, they have been carrying, what can only be described as buckets, typically half-full of sweets by the time they arrive.

So, we offer them a healthy option. Mary or I stand on the doorstep, explaining that we don’t have sweets, but have a choice of organic plums or carrots (which we’ve quartered), for healthy, immediate consumption.

Carrots, the Healthy Trick or Treat option

Based on our, admittedly unscientific, survey:

  • Most teenagers are DELIGHTED to be given such a choice.
  • Most teenagers did NOT, until this evening, realise that carrots can be consumed raw.
  • Teenagers will, overwhelmingly, choose the raw carrot option over the plum


I’m a bit saddened by point number 2, but points numbers 1 and 3 have increased my

faith in “the youth of today” (you’ll have to imagine the voice of a 37 year old pretending to be a grumpy old man here.)

And, to plug a company I love, the Healthy Treats came from Abel and Cole, who deliver an “organic box of seasonal fruit and veg” to us, including, well, carrots.


One Response to “Trick or Healthy Treat?”

  1. Great article. I can totally see where you’re coming from. There’s a lot of bad habits that have been developing over the years.

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