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My slides for “Negotiation for Small Businesses” are now available for download

Posted by markharrison on November 15, 2007

Last week, I gave a speech for the Surrey Business Club about negotiation. Now, while I’ve given a lot of talks about Property Negotiation, I’d never given one about general business negotiation. So I offered them a choice. Did they want the “Property Negotiation” talk that I’d written a year ago, and since given to over 3,500 people… or did they want the “Small Business Negotiation” talk I’d written at 5pm, and read through to myself. They chose the latter.

Either they are incredibly gracious, or there is some good material there, but they asked for the slides.

Following some discussion with Nik Butler, I discovered

The Powerpoints I used as a memory jogger can now be found here. (You can either view them in a web browser, or download them.) I ought to stress that I was speaking WITHOUT a screen, so the slides were written for ME, not for looking at by the audience, but the request was made, so here you are.

Pictures taken by Club Photographer, Peter Searight of The Remarkable Studio


2 Responses to “My slides for “Negotiation for Small Businesses” are now available for download”

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  2. Kristy said

    I really conl’udt ask for more from this article.

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