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US Reader: 16 year old girl missing, can you help?

Posted by markharrison on December 1, 2007

This post is particularly aimed at my US readers. I’ve been contacted by a couple of friends in the States and asked to help “spread the word”, using my Internet contacts.

Approximately 24 hours ago, 16-year old Manessa Therese Donovan disappeared from her mother’s home in Florida.

It is believed that she may have been going to see her 38 year old “boyfriend” Kevin.

Her family and friends are frantic, and are trying to locate her.

If you are in the US, particularly in Florida or Conneticut, please could you have a look at the blog they have urgently created, and be on the lookout. (Please don’t leave comments here – if you know anything that may be able to help, please contact the family directly via their blog.)

Click here to see the blog they created last night

[UPDATE: My mistake – Manessa actually  went missing on the 17th November – the “last 24 hours” was the creation of the blog, not the disappearance. Apologies for the confusion.]


One Response to “US Reader: 16 year old girl missing, can you help?”

  1. aithene said

    Thanks for the link and eyes. Just wanted to make a correction. She’s actually been missing since the 17th of November. We just decided to take some action since we weren’t getting any traction thru the police.

    Thanks again, Chris (Aithene).

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