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The “Cheque partial refund” scam appears to have spread to property

Posted by markharrison on December 3, 2007

Seasoned Internet users are certainly aware of the “cheque partial refund scam”, that has long plagued sites like eBay.

Just to run by the basics:

  • Someone “buys something”
  • They “accidently send a cheque for too much”
  • The ask for a refund for the difference

Lo and behold, the original scam has now migrated to property, according to US Marketing Blog, MarketersStudio.

In the Property version of the scam, a potential tenant is being posted into the country, and is arranging furniture as well as rental. Sure enough, a cheque for the first month’s rent, the deposit, and, bizarrely the furniture turns up, with a request that the letting agency / landlord “pay for the furniture.”

By the time they realise the funds haven’t cleared, and investigate the furniture company,  the “furniture company” turns out to have been a front for the scammer.

To date, the scams have been supposedly about British Doctors wanting to rent flats in the US – I’d give it about a week before we start seeing the reverse scam.

Moral of the story – if someone overpays, only refund AFTER the funds have cleared, and certainly not to a third party!


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