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The SubPrime crisis – as explained by Bird and Fortune

Posted by Mark Harrison on December 11, 2007

Update: 18th September 2008 – this video appears to be no longer available on YouTube. I can only assume that it was pulled for copyright reasons 😦

Marvellous sketch from Bird and Fortune about the SubPrime crisis attached here. (If you aren’t viewing this on my site, you may not see the video – you may have to click through to my site to watch it.)

Some people have found the sketch racist in that it refers to “unemployed black men”, however it is worth noting that:

  • The unemployment rate in the States is DOUBLE for blacks than it is for whites
  • The sketch does NOT say that unemployed people are the problem – but that industry professionals preying on them is.

If we can put the racial epithets to one side, and concentrate on the sarcasm used against the financial community, there’s some very telling stuff there.


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  1. This link currently works.

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