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Actually, you can get back a customer!

Posted by Mark Harrison on December 29, 2007

Back in February, I wrote this post about what I perceived as a poor experience with Gieves and Hawkes, the Savile Row tailors.

It would appear that things have improved, since over Christmas I got an email from their Marketing Director that started:

I was recently made aware of the blog you wrote in February of this year regarding Gieves & Hawkes response to your email of the same month that pointed out the spelling mistake on our website.

[… ]While some time may have passed and the ‘horse could be said to have bolted’ I certainly believe it is never too late to make amends or in this case clarify a miscommunication.

The email went on to thank me for taking the time to point out the initial error (long-since fixed), and explain the chain of events that led up to my being unhappy. It would appear that there was miscommunication on both sides.

While, obviously, there is a far greater burden of responsibility on a supplier to communicate effectively with a customer than there is on a customer to communicate with a supplier, I must concede several things.

  • I was harsh on Gieves for doing this
  • Their Marketing Director has clearly (once he was aware of the issue) taken steps to try to get me back as a customer

The happy ending is that I am looking forward to getting over to them and seeing what they have in the sales.


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