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Why I no longer use Yahoo! answers…

Posted by Mark Harrison on June 22, 2008

Over the past six months, I’ve been trying to help people on Yahoo! Answers UK, specifically when they ask questions about Property and Renting.

Today, I had three emails telling me that I’d violated their “guidelines” and that my answer had been deleted…

I wrote to them asking “why?”, but rather than replying, they sent me a few more, and then a message telling me that my account has now been suspended because I’d caused too many breaches.

Let’s have a look at the naughty things I’ve been doing:

A sample question:

I have spilt a drink on my carpet and it wont come out – i have even called in a professional carpet cleaning company. Where do I stand with my deposit? I have been a tenant for over 1.6 years, the stain is faided but would this be considred fair tear and wear or will i lose my deposit? If this is the case my insurance covers accidental damage will this be on to use? thanks all

My answer:

It would depend on the condition of the carpet at the time you moved in and how long you have been in.

If there were already stains, then you may find the landlord (or agent) doesn’t charge, or charges a nominal amount.

Likewise, if you have been in for several years, then the view might be taken that normal wear and tear would have required replacement anyway.

If, however, the carpet was in “top notch” condition, and you’ve had 6-12 months in the place, then you could be charged for the replacement cost of a carpet WHETHER OR NOT the landlord actually fits one when you move out. (The landlord has the choice of either spending the money, or accepting a lower rent for letting a shabbier place.)

In any case, your check-in inventory should show the condition of the carpet at the time you moved in. If it doesn’t, the landlord is a fool! If it does, and you’ve signed it saying the carpets are in great condition, then I’m afraid there’s a deduction coming your way.

It is worth speaking to your insurance company sooner rather than later – if they’ve sold you a policy that covers for sorting out “accidental damage”, and you’ve paid them the premiums, then they should pay out!

Yahoo wrote me the following:

Violation Reason:Community Guidelines and/or Terms Of Service Violation

That’s it – no explanation of what guideline that answer might possibly have violated.

So, that’s it, I’m afraid. I find that Yahoo!’s system is just too much hassle. I’ll now only be answering questions on this blog and to my newsletter subscribers and paying customers.


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  1. Vreeland said

    Thanks for your explanation.

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