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Posted by Mark Harrison on June 25, 2008

At the risk of blowing my own trumpet, I’ve just been appointed a Director of the National Federation of Residential Landlords (NFRL.)

The way it happened was slightly odd – back in April, at the last General Meeting, the Board had put a resolution in front of members asking for permission to enter into merger discussions with other landlords associations. (Technically, to renew this permission, which was granted in, I think, 2004.)

Because of the way the motion was worded, I spoke out against this motion (as did Mike Stimpson, one of the Directors!)

The meeting wasn’t fun and games – the majority of people who had turned up in person voted against, but an overwhelming majority of members who’d filled in a postal vote had voted for, hence the motion was carried.

Bizarrely, however, after the meeting, three of the Directors (the pro camp) came and found me, said that they’d been impressed at the way I’d argued against them… and asked whether I would be interested in becoming a Director!

A couple of weeks later, I managed to get together with Mike Stimpson, and ask what he thought, and he advised me to accept their offer if they made it formally.

Well, this morning, they made the formal offer, so I have just accepted the Directorship, and attended my first board meeting.

Interesting times ahead for UK landlords – the regulatory environment is changing, and while it’s making some great steps to protect the most vulnerable members of society, there’s always the danger that the wording of legislation intended to protect the few will, in fact, place onerous obligations on the many that were never intended. It’s part of our job as a UK Association, to lobby on behalf of private landlords to ensure that the right balance is struck. Fortunately, in Mike, the NFRL has a master of the game, and it’s an honour to work alongside both him, and a board who sought out a dissenting voice to give better balance!

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