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Berkshire Property Networking – 14th July with Rob Moore

Posted by markharrison on July 7, 2008

Juswant & Sylvia Rai have asked my help in promoting a Property Networking meeting they’re having next week. I’m happy to do so… (If any other UK people want help in promoting their meetings, just mail me – let me know the date, and what’s happening.)

Their text follows:

I just wanted to keep you informed about the Berkshire Property Meet the UKs Leading Property Networking event with upto 200 guests every month, which is being held on Monday 14th July. The event attracts property experts, investors and professionals from all over the UK. The event is hosted by Juswant & Sylvia Rai.

This months speaker is going to be Rob Moore of Progressive Property

Who is Rob Moore?

Rob is a self made businessman, Full time Property Investor & Best selling Author of “The 44 Most Closely Guarded Property Secrets” and “Make Cash in a Property Crash”.

He regularly speaks at events on business, property and personal development both on the platform and on TV, where he featured in a prime time TV Show for Living as a Mentor. He also recorded an interview on the business channel with Christopher Howard and recorded a Property Documentary with Channel 4.

2005 – 2007:
Rob became director of a new build property investment company previous to Progressive after realising the potential of property, and learnt a huge amount about ‘what really works’ in Property Investment. Rob is master trained in NLP and Platform presenting and reads a book every 8.3 days on business related areas [is it sad to know that?!]
Rob is head of marketing within Progressive.

Rob Moore & his business partner have been regularly buying below-market-value property with great success for themselves and fellow investors. They share what their experiences are of the current market and how they are turning this to their advantage.

There will be a chance to Win 20 copies of “The 44 Most Closely Guarded Property Secrets” and “Make Cash in a Property Crash” and an IPOD Nano packed with great audios to help you succeed.

Some of the regular experts who attend the Berkshire Property Meet:-

Glenn Armstrong – Bought and traded nearly 500 properties
Barry Danser – Finance / Rent Rescue
David Lee – Cash Flow Investor
Richard Sheppard – Property Tutor / Investor
Abdul Malik – Lease Options
Nick Pedrithes – BMV / HMO Expert / Finance
Sonny Walia – Meet the Surveyor
Darren Hunt – Property Sourcer / Investor
Simon Zutshi – Property Investor Network
Jim Haliburton – HMO Daddy
Kevan Keegan – Rent Back Charter Association
Plus many many more active investors, experts & professionals

BMV Clinic
There is also the regular BMV clinic run but our good friend and everyone’s mentor Nick Pedrithes. This is very informal and runs from 5pm until 6:45pm ish. Come along with any questions you may have Juswant & Sylvia and Nick with gladly discuss your options with you.

For more information contact
Juswant & Sylvia Rai via

Facebook Group:-


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  1. grahamdbrown said

    Nice post Mark. You can see the calendar for future Berkshire Property Networking events and other PNCs etc over at

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