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NLA / NFRL merger – court cases start

Posted by Mark Harrison on July 26, 2008

Well, I’ve just learnt that the first legal action in the NFRL/NLA merger has started. Apparently, the NLA have served an injunction against the NFRL President asking him to hand over back [1] things like membership lists the server (which he is refusing to do, since his legal advice is that the NLA takeover wasn’t valid, and therefore handing them over to a competitor would be an offence.) The initial hearing is on the 30th.

Since it is possible that I might be asked to act as a witness in this, I’m afraid that I may well have to stop blogging about the affair.

[UPDATE and NOTE 1] Originally, I wrote “hand over”. I’ve changed it to “hand back” following a call from the NLA as follows:

Their view is that:

  • they took possession of them following the merger, and that the NFRL President subsequently removed them from the office, and that “hand over” gives the wrong impression, and that therefore “hand back” would be better.
  • they say that they HAVE copies of the data, it is the physical SERVER that was removed.

It’s, obviously, hard for me to blog about this, since many things are still before the courts… but I thought it only fair to update the original blog post to reflect the “hand back” vs. “hand over” issue, and the difference between data and hardware.


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