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How to sell a house on the Internet (in Hawaii)

Posted by Mark Harrison on September 1, 2008

One of the places I write for is a website called Ezine Articles. I was recently contacted by a lady called Kathy Ostman-Magnusen who is trying to sell her house on Hawaii…

Nothing unusual so far.

In addition to looking for a Realtor, she is also posting about her house on the Internet, on her blog, and on Twitter…
Slightly less common, but still not newsworthy.

Kathy writes that the reason for their move is that her husband, who became ill in Vietman, can’t get help from the Veterans’ Association in Hawaii, but can in California…

Which puts our problems with the NHS into perspective, but is the kind of thing we knew happens in the US 😦

Where Kathy really caught my attention is in the lengths she’s going to to promote the sale – not in an aggressive, spammy way, but by doing interesting things.

The house is undeniably beautiful, which I guess shouldn’t be surprising, since Kathy is an artist, but as a gift the Realtor that sells her house, she’s offered a 24x30x2 giclee on stretched canvas… and blogged about that (with a picture of the artwork in question.)

Now, I know nothing about the property market on Big Island, Hawaii, let alone the investment opportunities, but at £115,000 for a stunning second home it caught my eye, as did the way that she is promoting it!

You can find out more on her blog at


3 Responses to “How to sell a house on the Internet (in Hawaii)”

  1. Aloha Mark,

    How kind you are. Isn’t it amazing sometimes, how people step out of their daily routines for perfect strangers? It is what makes life feel safe, when things around you don’t always feel that way.



  2. Nika said

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  3. As far as selling online goes, I think GOOD photos are a must!

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