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Berkshire Property Meet – Monday 15th September with Jim Haliburton

Posted by Mark Harrison on September 2, 2008

Just received this from Juswant and Sylvia Rai:

As ever, I’m happy to promote any property networking – just send me the details!


Subject: Berkshire Property Meet – Monday 15th September with HMO Daddy – Jim Haliburton
I just wanted to keep you informed about the Berkshire Property Meet the UKs Leading Property Networking event with upto 200 guests every month, which is being held on Monday 15th September. The event attracts property experts, investors and professionals from all over the UK. The event is hosted by  Juswant & Sylvia Rai.

This months speaker is going to be Jim Haliburton the HMO Daddy
Who is Jim Haliburton?

Jim Haliburton began buying property in 1992 and letting them to students, organising or doing the work on the property himself. The tenants/students all came from the College where Jim worked as a lecturer.

In July 2003 Jim left his job as a University Lecturer and decided to invest in property full time. At that point he set himself a target to purchase a further 50 properties before the buy-to-let boom finished. In the end it took him 18 months, and though prices have stopped rising as fast, the lenders still seem keen to lend and there seems no end to the interest in buy-to-let.

Jim now owns over 75 HMO’s / Multi-Lets with over 500 tenants. On top of this he has about 20 houses and flats which are let as single-lets plus several development projects in progress. He keeps on telling himself to stop buying property and consolidate his position, but anybody in the property business will know how difficult it is to stop buying once you have started.

Having left his post as Lecturer, he needed a teaching outlet so began holding small workshops for property investors interested in the HMO side of the business.

For more information contact
Juswant & Sylvia Rai

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