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Berkshire Property Meet with Amer Siddiq – 20th October 2008

Posted by Mark Harrison on October 15, 2008

Having dealt with Juswant and Sylvia Rai for some months by email, I finally met them last week, at Property Magic Live. It’s nice to put faces to names, as it were.
Juswant and Sylvia run Berkshire Property Meet, at which I hope to be talking in the medium-near future… however, their next meeting, next Monday, features Amer Siddiq (who I rate highly, by the way).

If you run a property networking event, and publish times and places, then let me know, and I’ll add your notes to this blog. What I don’t promote are the so-called networking sites that have a single “enter your email to receive details” pages 🙂

Here’s what Juswant and Sylvia have to say about their next event:


The Berkshire Property Meet is the UKs leading networking event with 230 investors / professionals and experts meeting last month to hear Jim Halitburton the HMO Daddy. Any you can be there to meet them too. The hosts Juswant & Sylvia Rai are outstanding hosts and they will help you connect with those people that could

Photo’s from last month:

Berkshire Property Meet Videos:

The evening starts at 7pm with the Amer Siddiq on from 8pm, however many people are at the hotel bar from 4pm onwards meeting with many of the movers and shakers in the property business today.

In October, Amer will be talking at the Berkshire Property Meet about how you, as a Property Manager, can overcome the many challenges that face you as your portfolio grows:

  • Getting better organised: cutting the time spent handling paperwork
  • Staying legal: Keeping track of safety certificates and legal documents
  • Tenant management: Making sure tenants get the information they need
  • Income tax management: Knowing what is due and when
  • Maintaining and growing a positive cash-flow

There will also be a chance to win the following prizes during the evening:-

  • LPM Pro Software – on-line price £247 + VAT
  • LPM Reg Software – on-line price £147 + VAT
  • CGT Calc Software – on-line price £97 + VAT
  • Property Tax Pack (3 tax guides) on-line price £120

email:- Juswant & Sylvia Rai via for details

Who is Amer Siddiq?

Property Portfolio Software was founded by experienced investor, author and public speaker Amer Siddiq, owner of Tax Portal Ltd. and creator of the Property Tax Portal website. Amer began investing in property in 1999.

The evening will include the usual opportunities to network with the property industry professionals and experts – the place where the experts meet the experts.

Juswant Rai is also featured in this months Your Property Network Magazine (p25)


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