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Divorce and the Property Investor – article on

Posted by markharrison on January 13, 2011

One of my consultancy clients had, while back, wanted some advice on prenups for investors – sadly, this isn’t an area where I have any experience, and had to direct him to a lawyer.

Today, however, I came across an article on today entitled “What Divorce Means for your Mortgage.”

The article isn’t particular about investors, but is aimed owner-occupiers going through divorce. However, on reading it, it struck me that the things it suggests that such a couple do would apply equally well to property investors.

Rather than plagiarise, I’d suggest that you read the article if this is a concern.


3 Responses to “Divorce and the Property Investor – article on”

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  3. The article you have mentioned here correlate the two fact very interestingly. I think going through from a marriage breakup situation with mortgage outstanding is really a difficult situation to handle.

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