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Mini Audio Review – “80:20 Principle” (Richard Koch / Nightingale Conant)

Posted by Mark Harrison on February 13, 2007

There have been a few audio programmes over the years that have really hit me hard between the eyes, and made me think about what I was doing.

The 80:20 Principle, by Richard Koch, is certainly one of those. The principle is something that I’d vaguely remembered from my (never finished) MBA, but not something I’d really applied much in my business life for the last few years.

The Principle is simply that, in many many things in the world, 20% of the efforts deliver 80% of the results… or 20% of the people end up with 80% of the money… or 20% of the people in an organisation generate 80% of the revenue, or that 20% of the code in a computer application takes up 80% of the CPU time… or… well, you’ve probably picked up the idea by now.

Mr. Koch never claimed to have invented the principle – Vilfredo Pareto, a 19th Century Italian economist, did that. However, what Mr. Koch has done, through a series of books as well as this audio, is brought it to the mainstream, out of the economist / MBA world, and translated it in terms that we can all understand.

I’ve got a lot of CD sets on my “Nightingale Conant” shelf – from the obvious people like Tony Robbins, and Earl Nightingale, to some of the quirkier authors like “Barefoot Doctor”. However, I think that this CD set is one of the best I’ve ever heard in terms of content.

While it’s normal for reviewers to say how much they enjoyed the content, this to me seems to be missing the point. It wasn’t the enjoyment of listening to the CDs that made it for me, it was the fact that they expressed some provoking ideas in a way that I was immediately able to go out and take action.

Over the last 12 weeks, as a direct result of listening to this programme, my diary has been transformed from what I learnt in these CDs – and my happiness likewise. (Oh, and the financials don’t look shabby either!)

Absolutely recommended… “get thee over to and buy this product” would be my advice.

[In the interests of discosure, Nightingale Conant also publish a CD set by me, so of course I want to promote them. However, I receive no payment or commission from reviewing or promoting this product.]


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