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Declaring Email Bankrupcy has a new home…

Posted by Mark Harrison on July 2, 2007

Just over two months ago, I declared email bankrupcy – that’s to say, I announced that I had too many unread emails, and therefore was going to delete them all and start again.

Since I did that, I’ve been trying to persuade people to contact me through means other than email – if you want to get back to me, ask a question, disagree, or otherwise comment on this blog – leave a comment on the blog!

Likewise, if you have a specific issue with a transaction at, then you will get a far better service by registering it through the complaints process than sending me a personal email to my home address 🙂

However, the concept of email bankrupcy has caught on, to the extent that there are quite a few people now seriously discussing it at facebook. The facebook group is here.

I have to say, I’m finding facebook a very useful tool – seems to do everything for me that I did with LinkedIn, but it is free and easier to use! I’m also, ironically, finding it a better Twitter client than, well,


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