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Free mini-course on Property Negotiation finally launches!

Posted by Mark Harrison on November 27, 2006

A long last, I’ve released the fabled free mini-course on Property Negotiation.

All you need to do is give your name and email address, and you will receive a mix of emails, audio messages and videos, all designed to help your property negotiation skills.

Don’t worry – the audio and videos are just sent to you as links, so if you don’t have broadband you can just read the text equivalents without worrying about your line being jammed up.

This isn’t going to replace the blog, which will still have an eclectic mix of stuff, but is intended to be a rather more structured set of pieces about property negotiation.

This is at


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Audio – Negotiation, Negotiation, Negotiation live at PNC Ipswich

Posted by Mark Harrison on September 4, 2006

In April 2006, I gave my 45 minute talk “Negotiation, Negotiation, Negotiation” to PNC Ipswich.

This talk is now available to purchase on CD, or as a free MP3 download:

If you prefer to purchase on CD (ten pounds plus VAT, including UK delivery), please feel free to click the button. However, I should point out that the audio CD contains exactly the same material – the only reasons for buying would be if want a higher-quality audio, or prefer to have a physical CD.

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