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Property Training / Networking event in Milton Keynes, 21st September

Posted by Mark Harrison on August 29, 2008

Vanessa Warwick has asked me to promote the event that she and Nick are running.

As ever, I’m happy to promote property and training events, providing they actually give the date / time / subject and cost. What I don’t promote is “events” that don’t provide any information but just ask people to sign up to newsletters!

This is what she writes.


Nick and Vanessa from 4walls here,

We are pleased to announce our next property investment networking event, set to take place in Milton Keynes on Sunday 21st September 2008.

Our keynote speaker will be Adam Powell, Managing Director of C-Sense Lettings. Adam has fifteen years of experience as a Landlord and letting agent and will be sharing his thoughts with you about how to identify areas for letting demand, as well as lots of other valuable information. Adam is one of the most committed and professional people we have ever had the pleasure of dealing with in property, and we are delighted that he is speaking exclusively at our event!

To register your seat, please email You will be sent further details nearer to the time.

Entry costs £10.00 on the door, on the day, to help towards cost of hiring the room. The valuable education and contacts you will get from
attending our event will far exceed this nominal fee.

Everyone who registers will receive a free copy of our Top Investor Tips e-book with loads of valuable hints and tips for successful investing!


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I’m guest speaking on Glenn Armstrong’s training course this weekend

Posted by Mark Harrison on September 25, 2007

For some while, I’ve been impressed at the property training that Glenn Amstrong puts on. I’ve a lot of time for Glenn – his track record as an entrepreneur was already solid before he turned to property.

Anyway, this Sunday (30th September), he’s running a programme with a few guest speakers.

  • I’m talking about, sure enough, Property Negotiation
  • John Goodinson is talking about Body Language
  • Caroline Hume will be presenting the legal issues around property negotiation
  • Glenn himself is running through a number of tactics, particularly nibbling

There are, as of this evening, a few spaces left, so please call Glenn’s office on 01908 423700 if you’re interested.

… but this is a course on negotiation, so DO ask for a discount when you call, eh?

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South2North – London – 9th June

Posted by Mark Harrison on May 30, 2007

Just a quick update.
Tamkin Riaz of South2North events had originally asked me to give a short talk on Property Negotiation – anyway, he’s now asked me to act as the MC for the day.

Click here for more info on the event, or to book a place

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Next speaker announced for 13th January – Jarl Moe

Posted by Mark Harrison on January 2, 2007

Tamkin Riaz and Ambar Hamid have announced the next speaker for the seminar on the 13th January – it is Jarl Moe.

“Jarl Moe is one of the worlds leading experts on International Tax Planning within investments and asset protection.

His company Moneyserve has more than 3,500 customers worldwide that are assisted daily and monthly in how to minimize their taxes globally and safeguard their assets for the now and future.

Jarl is the new generation of consultants within this field and he has a professional team with over 27 years of experience backing his systems from Cyprus.”

For more information about the seminar,  at which I’m also talking, click here.

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Top Gadgets 2006

Posted by Mark Harrison on December 31, 2006

Another year over, a lot of “toys” bought, on the assumption that they’d be fun or useful, so time to review what’s been good, and what hasn’t:
1: The iPod has, alas, sat on the shelf for at least six months. Now I’m no longer travelling by train much, I hardly ever want to listen through little earphones. The car stereo has re-asserted its place as the king for audio-on-the-move.

2: The new laptop (a Dell) has been an absolute winner. It’s finally got to the stage where I don’t need a desktop PC anymore, since the laptop is fast enough for everything I need up to and including video editing / DVD mastering.

3: The Domia Lite system for lighting control round the house has been utterly great. Being able to turn on and off lights be remote control wasn’t something I was begging to do, but now I have it, I wouldn’t live without it. [Declaration: Until midnight tonight, I’m a non-exec director of the company behind Domia Lite, and have options in the business.]

4: The “Skype headset” has been awfully useful. Far more useful than the SIP phone it replaced. The Skype juggernaut has basically rolled over all the standards-compliant “SIP” services, and I’ve ended up with Skype for the simple reason that the people I need to talk to have it, and they don’t have SIP services.

5: Software choices… Firefox has pretty much replaced Internet explorer as my browser of choice. I do have IE7, which is, to be fair, very good, and fast. However, Firefox seems to be ahead of the curve at all points. OpenOffice has replaced Microsoft Office in my life. It’s free, and it’s good. It’s NOT as good as Microsoft Office – but it’s “plenty good enough”, has one particular feature that MSO doesn’t (write to PDF), and is, well, free and legal.

6: The aircon unit was the top purchase of 2006. At just over £1,200 it wasn’t cheap, but doing it properly has made a tremendous difference to the house in summer.

7: Another year passes, another paper diary bought. I realise that, in principle, a PDA could do lots of things – but I do like having something that I _know_ is going to work. At the end of the day, there aren’t really many failure modes for a paper diary. (Minus several goombata points for Staples though, for choosing not to stock the diary I actually wanted for the first time in years.)

8: Really Useful Company 35 litre crates. My entire life seems to revolve around them – I now have one per training course, each loaded with the demo kit I need. The property portfolio has moved out of the filing cabinet into several of the larger ones, leaving the filing cabinet for the company paperwork. One cost grounds alone, I find it hard to believe that I’ll get another filing cabinet.

9: The Satnav. How did I manage without one. I bought a TomTom, which has worked very well, but pretty much everyone I know who has a SatNav is way happy, irrespective of which one they bought.

10:  The cars. Still, actually, the most useful bit of kit I own, for both property investment, my other businesses, and property networking. With, say, the Property Networking Club (PNC) Birmingham being a 300-mile round trip from sunny Sussex, the car makes the difference between being able to get home and needing to stay away overnight. Alas, the Bentley has somewhat disgraced itself this year, but the Morgan has jumped to the rescue time after time, and puts a smile on my face whenever I drive it.

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Registration launched for the 13th January event

Posted by Mark Harrison on December 28, 2006

I said a while back that I would be giving rather fewer talks in 2007.

Well, the rumours are true – one of those talks will, indeed, be at the Ultimate Success Secrets seminar.

Tamkin and Ambar are being very coy about who the other speakers are, to the extent that my contract with them forbids me from telling you at this point! However, I’m expecting a very powerful day…

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Tamkin Riaz – Mr. Bun the Baker for the 21st Century?

Posted by Mark Harrison on December 24, 2006

I received an email from my friend Tamkin Riaz this morning. In case there’s anyone out there investing in UK property who hasn’t met Tamkin, then he runs a series of networking events up and down the UK.

In any case, on to the email he sent, which explains what he name means:

    “… The best translation from  Arabic  to English would be Al Tamkin u lil haqqi wa al `adala,

    which, translated back into English, would mean:

     “to empower people in their pursuit of truth and justice.”   (I would add…  and Wealth

    Tamkin,  which also comes from tamakana simply means  “empowerment.”

This somewhat reminded my of a series of books by the British author Robert Rankin. In these books, one of the minor characters (whose name I can’t remember) is a careers advisor at the school of the protagonist. Anyway, this careers adviser was influenced as a child by the smiling faces of “Mr. Bun the Baker” and all the others of that series, and decided that the path to happiness was to pick a career that fitted your name!

Tamkin has spent the last few years helping people (like me) empower ourselves, and providing a forum where a whole bunch of wealth-creating opportunities can be presented to us all.

To this event, if you are anywhere near London (or fog permitting, can get there), keep Saturday 13th January free if you can – there’s something very exciting due to happen then.

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Last night at the Come2Invest curry

Posted by Mark Harrison on November 15, 2006

I had an excellent time at the Come2Invest curry evening last night in Hayes.

Tamkin Riaz and Michael Young once again laid on an excellent event, with a whole bunch of experts in the fields of Property Investment and Internet Marketing there to talk to people.

Personally, I thought that the format worked very well. Every one was seated at a table, with a space at each table for an expert. Every 15 minutes, the experts stood up and rotated tables, so every table got to spend a short period with each of half-a-dozen experts, rather than being stuck with the same person all night.

With experts on hand like Vanish Patel, Ranjan Bhattacharya, and Glenn Armstrong on hand (as well, of course, as me) there was no shortage of viewpoints on property, and with myself and Daniel Wagner around, much discussion was about Internet marketing.

Each of the experts had donated one or more raffle prizes, ranging from places on the courses (from Glenn, Daniel and Ranjan) through CD sets (me), up to a week’s accomodation in Dubai (courtesy of Come2Invest in association with MINC properties.)

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Negotiation, Negotiation, Negotiation – 45 minute talk Thursday 16th Nov in Margate

Posted by Mark Harrison on November 13, 2006

The Southern Private Landlords Association have asked me to talk to their members in Margate next Thursday – 16th November.

The meeting is open, and free, to non-members.


I’ll be giving the 45-minute mini=seminar “Negotiation, Negotiation, Negotiation”.

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Negotiation, Negotiation, Negotiation – 45 minute talk tomorrow in Woking

Posted by Mark Harrison on November 7, 2006

UKPWNE (UK Property and Wealth Networking Events) have asked me to talk to their members in Woking tomorrow (Wednesday) – 8th November.

The meeting is at The Wheatsheaf Pub & Innkeepers’ Lodge, Woking, at 7pm, and and costs £10.

For more information see the UKPWNE website.

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