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Five Negotiation Techniques in One Letter

Posted by Mark Harrison on January 30, 2008

I realised that it had been a while since I’ve blogged about any specific property negotiation techniques, but a letter I’ve just written combines FIVE of the techniques from my negotiation ebook in one single offer.

Obviously, I’m not prepared to give EXACT details, since the negotiation is still ongoing, but here’s what I’ve just done.

Three days after receiving a counter-offer, I’ve written back, with two alternative figures, showing how I arrived at the breakdown to the nearest pound.

    Right, time to take these one at a time:

    “Three days after receiving a counter-offer…”

    • I’m not in any kind of hurry. The last thing I want to do is give the impression that I’m under any time pressure, so I forced myself to wait a couple of days rather than pinging a reply straight back.

    “…I’ve written back…”

    • If possible, I put my offers in writing. There’s lots of research to show that offers received on paper get taken more seriously than figures just read down a phone line.

    “…with two alternative figures,…”

    • The danger of putting a single offer is that the mental choice is “take it or leave it.” Giving what’s known in sales as an “alternate close” makes the choice “option A” or “option B”.

    “showing how I arrived at the breakdown”

    • In the UK, haggling is not well regarded. Hence, I’ve given a detailed breakdown of how I arrived at a price, with subtotals… rather than just saying “I’ll knock off five grand.”

    “to the nearest pound.”

    • Don’t offer round numbers! They look made up, and make people think “he could offer me” (or ask less.) This is why shops sell at £4.99 rather than £5. It’s nothing to do with the “four quid not five”, and everything to do with the “stop customers assuming you’re price-fixing”

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    Property Negotiation, The Book – now available from WHSmith!

    Posted by Mark Harrison on November 19, 2007

    Ooh, well done, my publisher…

    Available on-line from WHSmith here, or in-store (probably by order only at most branches.)

    It’s quite an odd feeling – I’d not been expecting it to be available anywhere other than Amazon, so pretty chuffed today 🙂

    Now, if a few hundred thousand of you would go and buy it, and make it a breakaway Christmas Number 1, and I get invited onto Jonathan Ross, I promise I’ll make the tickets to the show available on my website 🙂

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    Property Negotiation, The Book – finally in stock at Amazon (UK)

    Posted by Mark Harrison on July 16, 2007

    Well, it’s taken over a year, but Property Negotiation, the book, is finally finished, published, and available at

    • Would I have started on the project if I’d known how much time it was going to take? Maybe, maybe not.
    • Am I glad I did it? Yes, very much so. I thought I knew a lot about negotiation as a result of 15 years experience as a negotiator, but the more “hardcore research” I did, the more I realised I had to learn (and the better some of my other business deals have been as a result.)

    Anyway, the book pretty much does what it says – it’s about negotiating the best price for UK investment property… and I wrote it 🙂

    Click here to see (and buy!) at

    There’s still a bit of work to do – sorting out cover art on the Amazon site, and so on – and my publisher tell me that the ACTUAL lead time will rather less than the 4-6 weeks that Amazon are currently quoting, but, heh, now would be a great time to buy anyway 🙂

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    Property Negotiation, The Book – almost there

    Posted by Mark Harrison on April 18, 2007

    The difference between a book and an ebook is that a book has to be PERFECT. With an ebook, you get the opportunity to make tweaks as you go along.

    I finally sent “Draft 3” off to the publishers – hopefully I’ll be happy with the results, and “Property Negotiation” will be on Amazon in the next few weeks…

    … there again, I’d thought that “Draft 2” (about 6 weeks ago) was going to be the final cut, but when the proofs came back, I found a glaring mistake 😦

    On the bright side, Dona (my editor) made about 200 changes prior to “Draft 1” going off, and “Draft 1” had a further 40 changes, so only finding one problem with “Draft 2” makes me hopeful.
    As an aside, the changes WILL be rolled into the ebook – and assuming that Draft 3 hits the spot, I’ll be sending out updated ebooks to all previous customers at that point. Thanks to all of you who’ve already bought (and particularly to those who’ve come back to me with great stories about how much money the techniques have made them!)

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    At last, the ebook is available

    Posted by Mark Harrison on September 27, 2006

    Thanks to all of those who have been encouraging me to finish this for the last year… But the good news is that, pretty much on the anniversary of the first mini-course, the ebook is now available.
    Priced at $47 (approximately £25), you can see more, and buy at

    In the book, you will learn…

    Negotiation Principles:

    -Why some things work in a negotiation and why others do not

    -What you need to have worked out before you start negotiating

    Negotiation Psychology:

    -Personality types (including a psychometric test) and what this says about your negotiation tendancies

    -Understanding the differences in negotiation style and why your opponent may value different things to you

    Negotiation Power:

    – Where the power in a negotiation comes from, and how you can increase yours

    Negotation Ploys:

    -The tactics you can use to get your vendor to drop their price (or your buyer to raise their offer)

    -How to respond to these tactics

    -Dirty tricks you should watch out for

    Negotiation Particulars:

    -How to deal with estate agents

    -Dealing with builders

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