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Kyte TV – impressive customer service!

Posted by Mark Harrison on August 8, 2007

A couple of days ago, I had a conversation with Phil Campbell about the power of Video Blogging.

I remembered that I had a little USB webcam in a crate, so I plugged it in, and tried a couple of the sites he recommended.

I’m going to be reviewing in the future, but I thought I’d talk briefly about first.

Nik Butler recommended that I try them, and for fun set up a game of Mornington Crescent, with the rules being that anyone could play, provided they post their move as a videoblog entry. The results are hardly going to go down in history as a masterpiece of the videographers work, but did show how easy it was to provide video content with a cheap camera, an ordinary laptop,  a fleece  blanket, and a couple of Ikea Takt clip spotlights. (OK, it’s clear that the lighting needs improving.)

Mary tried as well, and blogged about the results last night. That was when the impressive bit happened. Within 15 minutes of her blog entry, one of the developers from Kyte had noticed that someone had been blogging about them, and posted this comment, that explained how she could actually have the video embedded within her blog.

I could blog on about how easy the service is to use, but the thing that’s really come away with me is how much the team at Kyte must really care about their (non-paying!) customers to do that kind of thing.
Well done, well done.

And yes, I do know, thanks to that, how to embed the video – the fact I’m not doing so is a decision made of choice, not ignorance 🙂


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